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Dear Valued Customer:

We are happy to introduce Notrox Instruments as supplier of Plastic Surgery Instruments and General Surgery Instruments worldwide.

Notrox Instruments founded few years ago; has gained its reputation as supplier of durable instruments and continuous struggle to bring innovation at best prices to the industry professionals serving worldwide.

As Notrox Instruments we offer Instruments from any International Catalogues and OEM instruments.

Once again, our sales team is committed to provide high class customer service and quality products to its customers. Customer’s confidence in our products is the evidence of our strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We take pride in fast shipping, a wide range of products knowledgeable sales team and very competitive prices. This enables us to serve our valued customers quickly and fulfill their needs as professionals.

We thank to our patrons for their trust and hope that you will visit Notrox Instruments for all your instrument needs where; Quality, Satisfaction and Great service mean profits!

About Us


We are happy to introduce Notrox Instruments as supplier of Plastic/Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Instruments, General Surgery Instruments, Orthopedic Surgery Instruments worldwide.


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